Statement from Angie Dine, CEO

As always, it is an exciting time to be partners with St. Marys Foundry, Inc.  Hopefully, while accessing this blog, you enjoyed our improved, more interactive webpage!  This is just one way we are demonstrating our desire to grow and change with our customers and employees.  As part of our continuing effort to be on the forefront of our industry, we are pursuing advancements across all facets of our company.  For 33 years, our customers have enjoyed our consistent ability to meet their needs and feel the confidence of choosing St. Marys Foundry.  We are able to maintain this confidence through our passion to be the industry leader in producing on-time, complex, highly-cored gray and ductile iron castings.  We consider our customers to be not just our business partners, but they are also part of our foundry family.  They can see this commitment through our consistent performance.  The quality our customers require can only be achieved through having the most skilled foundry team in the country.   We are fortunate to have a very proud team of foundry professionals.  We continue to attract the best and the brightest by providing a respectful, innovative, "family first" work environment.  Our employees come first.  We prove this by improving their equipment and tools, maintaining modern break/recreational and locker facilities, and being the first foundry to create an on-site technical institute exclusively for foundry employees.

With so many good things happening, it is no wonder that we are now expanding!  The expansion looks amazing!  The bold, modern appearance of the additional space is garnering a lot of attention and accolades from the community, our employees and our customers.  Our $5 million expansion will allow our team the necessary space to grow alongside our customers.  We will be well-equipped to increase our output for existing customers and make room to continue to diversify our customer base.  The new building is an impressive statement about our success and strength.  It is also manifestation of our passionate commitment to our customers and the rest of our foundry family.  We would welcome scheduling an appointment for you to visit.  We always appreciate an opportunity to shine!